Marg Rentz(non-registered)
Hi Tina, I just 'stopped by', taking a left click from Facebook, where I admired your photos of Iceland these past few weeks! You are amazing!
Michelle and Alex(non-registered)
Tina was our photographer for our engagement photos taken at the Franciscan Monastery in NE Washington, DC. I had found the spot and love the flowers and trees that surrounded the monastery. Tina's unique eye picked up shots I would not have even thought about! We have some great shots. The photos are so original that I don't know how we can use these on our save the dates -- they're too awesome just for that. I hope we'll manage :)

Tina captured us in many different lights, shadows, and settings. All the photos are great. I loved all of her ideas and the turnaround for the editing was very quick, despite her just coming back from Iceland!! I look forward to shooting with her again after our wedding for a "trash the dress/fantasy" shoot. Sadly, I can't take her to Italy for our wedding. I wish I could. But the area in Italy we are going to is small and let's just say the locals are a bit demanding on outside vendors paying "taxes" to work there. Thank you, Tina! Can't wait for more fun.
Towod Hosssain Tushar
Dear Ms. Tina
Every single photo you upload is better than the last. You are a photography genius, you make everything beautiful.

Michelle Angileri(non-registered)
Patti just shared your website. I am in awe. I love photography and may have to go through them all and buy an original.
Patti Pederson(non-registered)
Amazing photographs Tina!! You are a very talented lady :)
Just checked out your photos and website. Really beautiful work.
Really like the music too.
Hope you are able to visit one or two of the local attractions I suggested on the plane.
How about this weather? (It's always like this).
Enjoyed meeting you.
Your photos really capture the moments! Very nicely done!
Tina: great website. Thanks for sharing. Extremely creative.
Chris and Danielle(non-registered)
You and your photos are amazing! Xoxo- The newlyweds
I'm waiting for the blog!
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